You must personally request and authorize your SEVIS record be transferred to your new school in order to maintain your F-1 status.

  • Eligibility
    • Admittance to another school
    • Current maintenance of your lawful status, including
    • NOTE: In order to attend your new school if you are ineligible for transfer of schools because you are out of status, you must
      • Apply to USCIS for reinstatement OR
      • Leave the country and renter with an initial Form I-20 from your new school.
  • Procedure
    • After being accepted as a student at the school where you plan to transfer, your new school will either send or have you bring to BYU International Services a form to verify your transfer eligibility from BYU.
    • International Services then completes and returns the transfer eligibility form to your new school.
    • Complete and submit a Transfer Out Form to BYU International Services.
    • International Services will transfer your SEVIS record effective the date you designate on your Transfer Out Form. 
      NOTE:Your employment benefits at BYU terminate on the effective transfer date.
    • Enroll in a full course of study during your initial semester or term specified on your new Form I-20. 
      NOTE: You are not subject to the $200 SEVIS fee.
    • Check in with your new school upon your arrival to that campus