Brigham Young University, a private university sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offers a full range of academic and extra- curricular programs. Aims of a BYU Education

Over 2,000 international students represent over 120 countries and bring a rich diversity of culture and experience to our campus of over 30,000 students located in Provo, Utah, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Salt Lake City.

  • Programs include:
    • Intensive English language study at the English Language Center (ELC)
    • Various certification programs—check with the sponsoring department for details
    • Undergraduate various Bachelor's programs
    • Master's programs
    • Doctoral programs


  • Admissions process (International Services has no responsibility for admissions—we assist those already admitted)
    • ELC Studies
      • Studying at the ELC level can result in obtaining proficiency in oral and written English that could qualify you for enrollment in an undergraduate program at BYU or some other school.
      • Apply directly to the ELC program information and application
    • Undergraduate Studies
      • Studying at the undergraduate level can result in obtaining a bachelor's degree in a major field of study and typically takes four years to complete.
      • Apply through International Admissions-information and application
    • Graduate Studies


      • Study at the graduate level usually begins upon completion of a bachelor's degree and results in a Master's degree and/or Doctoral degree.
      • Apply through Graduate Admissions information and application--Law school students should apply directly through the J. Ruben Clark Law School

Questions and Answers on Becoming a Non-immigrant Student in the U.S.: