Uncle Sam saying he wants you to pay taxes

As you may already know,

  • If you resided in the United States during 2017 for at least one day, you are required to submit tax Form 8843 by the June 15, 2018 deadline
  • If you earned money in the United States during 2017, you are ALSO required to submit federal and likely state income tax forms by the April 15, 2018 deadline. Utah State Income Tax Information
    • If you worked in Utah, you are required to complete and submit state tax forms
    • If you worked in another state, you may be subject to that state's income tax laws--not every state has income taxes. You will have to contact the state to determine if you need to submit forms

If you worked on campus:

  • BYU makes available for download your Form W-2, which you will use to file a tax return

International Student and Scholar Services offer a free tax preparation for international students and scholars from February 20 to April 13. You will receive an email notification with details beforehand. You may make an appointment by calling 801.422.2695 or coming to our office.

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