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  • We are aware that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is recommending quarantine for any of the restricted areas listed by the CDC; however, we have not heard of any mandate from either the government or BYU regarding quarantine upon entering the US. We strongly encourage you to be safe and protect yourself and others, however, in any way that is possible.

  • During semesters in which you are required to be enrolled full-time, undergraduates must enroll in at least 12 credits, of which at least 9 must be "classroom" or "blended" instruction mode. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 9 credits per semester of required enrollment, of which at least 6 must be "classroom" or "blended" instruction mode.
    If you are on annual vacation during a fall or winter semester, you must enroll in at least 12 credits cumulatively during spring and summer terms (9 credits for graduate students), of which at least 9 (6 for graduate students) must be "classroom" or "blended" instruction mode. Please note that you must enroll in at least one "classroom" or "blended" class each term.

  • The Counseling and Psychological Services office (CAPS) is very aware of our international students at this time and has reached out to our office asking to help. We strongly encourage anyone who feels the need to reach out to CAPS.

  • You have always had the allowance to take only thesis or dissertation credits following your completion of coursework. Follow whatever your chair/department instructs in how to take these credits as normal, including completely online if recommended by your Chair/Department.

  • Yes, due to COVID-19, DSOs were allowed to electronically send Forms I-20 to students. The US Department of Homeland Security has since made this change permanent. Should you choose electronic delivery as your preferred mode of delivery, your I-20 will be sent via YMessage.

  • We realize this has been and may continue to be a challenge. We encourage you to contact your embassy for your country as they may be able to help. If you are trying and cannot access a flight, we recommend that you keep a record of your attempts and anything showing you weren’t able to return home such as screenshots of searches for flights, etc.

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