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F-1 Off-Campus Employment

Please talk with the ISSS office to verify if you are eligible to work off-campus and what type of employment you can apply to

Students are eligible to apply for off-campus employment once they have completed one academic year (8 months or 2 consecutive semesters) at their education level. Federal regulations dictate that a change in education level requires that you wait one academic year until you can begin working off-campus. For example, if you completed an associate degree at a prior institution and transfer to BYU to begin your bachelor degree, you must complete one academic year of full-time study before qualifying for off-campus employment.

For details, click on one of the off-campus employment opportunities listed below:

Regularly selling plasma, frequent garage sales, selling of handcrafted items and internet money making are not permitted activities to earn income.

Note: By regulation, English Language Center students are not eligible for off-campus employment.