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Your Form I-94, Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Record

  • Your I-94 is a Department-of-Homeland-Security-issued document that was created when you entered the US. You should obtain it by either:

    • Printing it after your arrival by air or sea OR
    • Receiving a small white card stapled onto a visa page of your passport when you enter at a land port of entry. A new one is also created if you receive a Form I-515A.
  • The I-94 shows the following information:

    • Your port of entry and date of entry
    • An eleven-digit identifying number
    • Your lawful status
    • Certification of your employment eligibility as part of a Form I-9
    • and the specific time that you may remain in the U.S.

      • Usually you will be admitted for “D/S,” meaning the duration of status for the length of your program of study as indicated on your Form I-20 (Form DS-2019 for Js)
      • including any period of post-completion optional practical training (academic training)
      • plus 60 days (30 days for a J-1)
  • Your I-94 is invalid after leaving the U.S.–upon your return to the U.S. you will receive another one–unless you travel to a continuous country or U.S. territory for less than 30 days; where upon, it remains valid.
  • To print your I-94, click HERE and you will then be directed to the I-94 government website. At that point you will be asked to enter information from your passport. If the correct information is entered your I-94 will appear and you will be given the option to print the document. If your I-94 does not appear please come into our office and we will assist you in locating your I-94.